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How it Works

SkyMate is your global communication solution. Our technology gives you access to essential data services including email and weather when you’re out of cellular and wifi network range. The SkyMate system works with any Wi-Fi enabled device (tablet, laptop, iPad, cell phone); all you need is to connect to Skymatewifi.com via the SkyMate’s wifi network. For ease of use the message/SOS pad will indicate when you receive new messages, so that you may check them at your convenience.

Think of your Skymate ISeries as a wireless router. It broadcasts a wireless network, just like a router does, but instead of being hooked into your local cable or DSL provider, you are connected to a satellite network that transmits weather, email, and a variety of other information to your device. This connection allows you to stay connected with friends and family, all with the power of SkyMate. For more information take a look at the frequently asked questions and the software demo we have provided.